85361Z  Lead-Free Solder - Rosin Core

85361Z Lead-Free Solder - Rosin Core

Tornillo De Cran

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Dorman’s Solder provides a fast, simple and inexpensive way to permanently join electrical wires and metal parts. Our water-soluble Acid Core Solder, for non-electrical applications, is ideal for fitting connections and sheet metal joints. It is recommended for use with galvanized steel, brass, nickel copper, and many other metals. Dorman’s Rosin Core Solder should be used for electrical work. We also carry an effective petroleum based flux, a general purpose cleaning agent for use with solid solder.
Non-corrosive and non-conductive
1 oz. tubes are 1/16 In. in diameter, with a melting temperature of 460 degrees Fahrenheit
Suitable for many industrial and commercial uses
Easy to use

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